The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters doesn't just train people to taste olive oil. Thanks to its unbiased position & scientific rigour, the school represents a place for defending the quality of olive oils worldwide.


Extra Virgin Alliance

Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA) is an international non-profit trade association that represents the producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil from around the world.  Be sure to take a look at their indespensible 'Field Guide'.


Gonnelli 1585 S.R.L.

The Gonnelli 1585 S.R.L. Olive Oil Mill represents one of the most advanced realities, both from the qualitative & technological points of view in the world of extra virgin olive oil.



Four generations' experience have created a unique expertise in selecting the choicest olives, the purest tasting oil, the most refined fragrances expressed by the extra virgin olive oil.


Castillo de Canena

Our family-owned olive trees cover the lovely irrigated farmland and where we harvest our olives for producing our highest quality extra virgin olive oil of classic varietals such as Picual, Arbequina and Royal.


Casas de Hualdo

Casas De Hualdo is a producer of premium internationally awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil located in Toledo, central Spain, where 4 different olive varieties are cultivated from 300,000 olive trees. Recognized, on several occasions, as the most beautiful olive oil landscape in the world.

Olive Oil Store


 Daniel Santini, is an olive oil enthusiast born and raised in Tuscany and also a proud American citizen. Seeking a new and higher challenge after 15 years of corporate life and following his passion for entrepreneurship, authentic food, and olive oil, Daniel established Entimio artisanal Italian olive oil in 2017.

Industry Expert

Alexandra Devarenne

International olive oil consultant and educator, and cofounder of Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA), a non-profit trade association spanning 14 countries dedicated to the promotion of quality authentic extra virgin olive oil.


Flos Olei

A guide to the world of EVOO on an international scale, strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher of the volume.



For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicating to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, with the passion and the love that binds this family to its land.



The DeCarlo family has a love for olive trees and for their products, vigorously supporting a business policy based on benefits of the short chain and on zero-impact production in harmony with the environment.


Mis Raices

Mis Raíces, is produced during the first half of November with 80% Empeltre olives and 20% Arbequinaolives in their optimum moment of maturation.



With Estates and production in Toledo and Cordoba Spain, Valderrama produces a wide range of amazing Mono Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Elegantly packaged at their facility, they offer the American consumer a variety of flavors and intensities which compliment any meal or use. These will not only tantalize your family and guests but make an excellent gift as well. 


Tom Mueller

A pioneer in opening the debate about the scandalous world of how olive oil is made, traded and sold to the unwitting consumers.
A must read if you care about the food you buy and eat.


Frantoio Franci

Frantoio Franci olive oils are labelled according to strict criteria of origin and quality standards. Only in this way can we guarantee our consumers ongoing quality year after year.



As small family growers, Bellucci works in cooperatives to bring the consumer fully traceable EVOO with the authentic flavor of their home - Italy.


Il Cavalino

The Salvadoris have a limited production of premium-quality, extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino". oday, if one passes by their farm, they will likely find 5th generation Salvadoris still tending to the family olive trees.


Rio Largo

This award winning estate, on the southern bank of the Breede River, comprises oliveorchards, vines, an olive specific nursery and a state of the art OLIOMIO olive processing and bottling plant.



Oleamea extra virgin olive oils are USDA organic, award winning, and high quality products. With generations of experience harvesting and producing locally grown olive oil, they pledge complete transparency from careful cultivation to harvest, milling to bottling. Try their oils today.