Casas de Hualdo

Casas De Hualdo is a producer of premium internationally awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil located in Toledo, central Spain, where 4 different olive varieties are cultivated from 300,000 olive trees. Recognized, on several occasions, as the most beautiful olive oil landscape in the world.



Kristal brand EVOO is 100% Turkish growing crushed and bottled. The owners are committed to excellence and value. Turkey has become one of the top producers of EVOO grade with over 300,000mt at the 2017/18 harvest.

The USA has three skus which are 750ml size and priced to compete with national CPG brands of much lower quality. Look for these items in your local food store.


Monini North America

Tasked with focusing on the new Monini award winning premium Mono Varietal line with limited availability for 2018.

An extra virgin olive oil that is good, simple, and made of single variety olives. Created by Nature. And Nature is also the author of its story. Let’s start from the beginning, in Italy, among olive groves blessed by the perfect soil and climate.We only select land that provides the best possible environment for our products. One that allows olives to thrive and Nature to take its course, without interference.The expert hands of our farmers tend to each and every plant, certified and identified through its DNA. And it is by reading the plants’ DNA that we can ensure it belongs to the cultivar we want you to enjoy.We pick the olives in the early hours of the morning, when the crisp, fresh air protects them from the heat, naturally shielding them from the fermentation process.Within a few hours, the olives are transported to our mills in temperature-controlled vehicles, to safeguard their scent, taste and texture.Once they reach the Poggiolo Monini Mill, in Spoleto, they are carefully washed and dried. Our pressing and extraction methods are tailored to each variety of olive, as is the malaxation process, in accordance with the specific features of each cultivar.Filtering comes next. This is an essential step, because it shields the oil from deterioration over time. Our own filtering process is what ensures the superior quality of our exquisite oils.Zefferino Monini follows the whole production process closely. His invaluable knowledge is essential to our work, and allows us to deliver unique products, enriching each drop of our Monocultivar oils with a flavour that is simply unparalleled.Coratina. Nocellara. Frantoio—a new range of superior quality, extra virgin olive oils. 100% Italian. 100% organic.


The World Bank

The World Bank Group has two goals, to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way.


Mis Raices

Mis Raíces, is produced during the first half of November with 80% Empeltre olives and 20% Arbequinaolives in their optimum moment of maturation.


Oz Mediterranean

New Brand coming to the USA soon!

Check back for details.

Coming Soon


Carapelli is a classic Italian love story.


It begins in Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance era and inspirational center for beauty, romance and art. It is here in the heart of Tuscany that the marriage of Cesira Nuti and Costantino Carapelli in 1893 sets the stage for Casa Olearia Carapelli. There they would combine their love for all things Italian – art, culture, and cuisine. To this day, the Carapelli family’s unique and innovative connection to the art and craft of olive oil lives in our hearts as we carry on the tradition and their passion for crafting high-quality EVOO.


Inspired by the age-old traditions of Italian Maestro Oleario culture, we seek out the best olive groves around the world, for the best olive varietals, that have been selected at the right moment, and harvested in the best way, to create an exquisite experience, exploring the unique olive flavors nature has to offer.


Here at Carapelli, we believe that beautiful, purposely crafted olive oil is something special for life’s creative moments. We invite you to join us and taste the legacy of Carapelli, as we celebrate The Art of the Olive.


Alcala Olivia

Developed a market strategy for their innovative single service quality EVOO products from Spain.

This product is ideal for food service, home use, travel, and much more. 



With Estates and production in Toledo and Cordoba Spain, Valderrama produces a wide range of amazing Mono Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Elegantly packaged at their facility, they offer the American consumer a variety of flavors and intensities which compliment any meal or use. These will not only tantalize your family and guests but make an excellent gift as well. 


Gonnelli 1585 S.R.L.

The Gonnelli 1585 S.R.L. Olive Oil Mill represents one of the most advanced realities, both from the qualitative & technological points of view in the world of extra virgin olive oil.



Oleamea extra virgin olive oils are USDA organic, award winning, and high quality products. With generations of experience harvesting and producing locally grown olive oil, they pledge complete transparency from careful cultivation to harvest, milling to bottling. Try their oils today.