About David

David Neuman began his Olive Oil career as a Commis Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, D.C. in 1985, cooking with great olive oil. After years of employment in the Specialty and Natural Foods industry, he was hired as President and Partner of Lucini Italia, and for the next 9 years grew it to become the premier Italian Olive Oil brand in America. Upon selling the business in 2014, David opened Gaea North America with the assistance of its parent company, Gaea Products S.A. in Greece. Together they focus on selling the best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils available.

His participation is vast in the Olive Oil field:

  • ONAOO (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva) Imperia, Italy, International Olive Council Accredited: Panel Taster – 2011

  • ONAOO Level 1 Technical Taster 2011, Professional Taster in Good Standing, 2018 - Present

  • Quarterly blind tastings with ONAOO professors to maintain his qualifications

  • Has instructed olive oil tastings, blind comparisons and provides knowledge to over 1,000 trades and consumers alike with his signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil 101 course.

  • Speaker at the Keller and Heckman LLP Seminar – Defending Your Supply Chain: The Case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Presenter at the AOCS (American Oil Chemists Society) conference

  • Olive Oil Judge

  • Member of the Varietals, 2011 – 2014: Attending annual harvest in various countries with the Varietals to learn techniques from the growers and producers and how Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used around the world in various cuisines.

  • Panelist, Olive Japan, Tokyo – 2014

  • Keynote speaker at the WOOE (World Olive Oil Exposition) Madrid, Spain – March 2018

  • Presenter at the IRTA Olive Oil class- Barcelona, Spain – March 2018

  • Author, book on EVOO releasing early 2022

If you have always wondered what “extra virgin grade” is, how to buy it, how to use it, and moreover how to judge it as possibly a properly labeled bottled of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, write David and look for his reply typically within 48 hours. The most frequent questions and answers will be applied to our FAQ’s.



EVOOGuy has worked with International Olive Oil producers and brands along with key US distributors and retailers to improve the presence and sales of high quality, responsibly labeled Extra Virgin Olive, to consumers.